Wednesday, July 9, 2008

View From Above

So, better late than never, here is the aerial garden tour I promised.

Looking out the upstairs window, we see this scene. I like this view because it's harder to see the weeds.

And turning north to look over the kitchen roof, you can see the little plot that Nathan just started this year. It contains a poorly-germinated and especially weedy patch of corn, as well as potatoes (also weedy) and four kinds of squash (not weedy! Mulched!) with which I am experimenting to see if they do well growing into the corn patch (better take care of them weeds perty soon...).

Also visible is the heinous organized mess of scrap metal, wood and junk, (one place I'm a little thankful for weeds...)as well as the rusty, but very useful pole barn and a small goat pen off to the side.

Also note: Lovely surrounding countryside-- no corn fields or houses!

So, now for the specifics.

This is pretty much everything I have growing. Not listed are some stray sunflowers, volunteer cherry tomatoes (everywhere!) and the watermelons that are being taken over by cucumbers. I've never had the cukes grow quite this much because we've never gotten so much rain! Usually the vines stay pretty small. I need to get something rigged up for them to climb.

And finally, we'll see the wonderful raised beds that Nathan built me. I lovelovelove them. Some things in them are already done, such as the spinach, early lettuce, two plantings of radishes, and I just put in my third planting of cilantro. Also, at the end of the bed in the far left is one lonely parsnip. I didn't even plant parsnips this year. But I planted them last year and they didn't come up. But here is one rogue parsnip, and I'm sure it'll be yummy.

I'm afraid I'll really be in the deep end in a couple weeks when canning/freezing season hits...

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  1. You said "heinous."

    I love that word.

    I still remember being in Moms spelling class at some point and having that word. Sheldon and I were saying it non-stop forever. I still enjoy using it frequently.