Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Violiating the Chemical Weapons Ban

I did not know this, but plumbing in houses must have a vent. "To vent out the explosive gasses." Nathan said. Through the roof, apparently.

Are you telling me that houses have to... pass gas? Like a trouser trumpet but for roofs?

Yes, apparently so. And in order to pass our plumbing inspection, we had to have a household barking spider.

Now, I'm mature and sophisticated, so I don't usually talk about mexican jet propulsion on this public, family-friendly blog. But this is serious business, folks, so I'm just letting you all know where we're at.

So, Nathan spent Sunday and Monday cutting holes through floors and ceilings and walls and roof to run a twisting, 3 inch pipe from the basement, through the laundry room, under the upstairs floor over to the closet, up through the attic, and out the roof.

And today he's been in the basement hooking it all up, and we have no use of the toilet. Yes, I know how to use the tall grass behind the barn.

But he's almost done. So from now on, our house will be able to sing along with Brittney, evacuate the GI hostages, and buy a bowel with the best of them.

Whooo-eee! Who stepped on a duck?

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