Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Dapper Old Men

Kris posted this picture on his blog.

He said something about wanting to be one of them someday. Dude... He IS one of them... I can just see the same scene repeated... in about 65 years... Let me show you.

Here's Kris as he is now:

And here is Neal:

And here is Seth:

Three of my handsome and hilarious brothers.

Now lets look at the old men again.

In the middle, we have Kristin. He's telling them Stuff. Because he Knows Things. We called him "Mr. Informative" when he was a kid. He can shoot BS with the best of them. He especially likes to talk about himself. Here, he's probably expounding on his superior use of a cane.

Neal's sitting there on the right, listening, because he's a good pal, but half of his mind is thinking about building a better cane. He can build anything, in a hurry, and doesn't need to talk about it. Maybe a spring-loaded cane. Or a convertible pogo-stick with which he could leave the others in the dust.

And Seth is on the left, not listening and not caring. Wondering if he's going to have to drive these bozos home again. We always said he was in a different world than the rest of us. He's thinking of a way to make money with his cane. He seems to lead a charmed life, so whatever's in his head, it will probably work out one way or another.

I love my brothers. Even old and wrinkly.


  1. Man oh man that was funny. I think that photo of me is retouched or something- I'm waaaaay better looking than that. Get me when I'm looking sexy next time.

  2. Seth was extremely concerned about how you described him. Last night:

    "So what did you think of her description of me? Do you think I lead a charmed life? Do I really seem to be in my own world? Could I really make money off that cane?"


  3. Hey, look Katie! We're having a conversation!