Sunday, July 6, 2008

Owies and sundries

Today I was pulling the stinging nettle that has taken up residence in one of my raised beds. There is no getting rid of it completely, since it's one of those that will grow back from the tiniest piece of root. So I just make sure to be careful of it and pull it before it goes to seed. I hang it upside down and let it dry and then add it to tea as it is very nutritious. I've touched it before and felt a little itch, but it's never been that bad. I always use gloves when I pull it, as I did today. Then I removed my gloves and started to pull some weeds and accidentally touched the heal of my right hand against a tiny new shoot of nettle that I had missed. And it hurt like flippin' blazes of thunder. It got all swollen and bumpy and the burn just doesn't quit! Sheesh! I figured out that I've always touched the tops of the leaves, but this time I touched the underside where all the poisonous spines are. So I'm going around with a wad of yellow dock leaf taped on my hand to at least make the burning tolerable.

Then I went out to get my laundry off the line, and proceeded to step on a honey bee. With the same foot that I stepped on one yesterday. Yeah. Time to mow the lawn. The bees are reeeeallyl liking our clover crop out there. So I have a wad of plantain taped onto my foot to relieve the sting.

I am a walking herb pharmacy, baby.

In other news... my kitchen is getting cabinets!! Nathan worked on setting them today.

And we borrowed a tile saw, so next he's going to build countertop. Yay!! I'm so excited I could cry. I go in there and I can just feel it... In my mind I can picture using my kitchen and I can just taste the satisfaction that will come with having a place for everything and plenty of room for cooking and canning.

The hole there is where the dishwasher will (somedayprobablyintenyears) go. To the left will be the sink. Now, I can just hear my Mom already: as soon as she sees that picture she's going to leave me a comment about the corner cabinet with a shelf in it. Hey, we got it covered. There are three of those in this kitchen, and that was the one that was brand new and came with a shelf. We decided to leave it. One of them came with a lazy susan and Nathan's building one into the other. Ita be faaaahine.

The gap here is where the stove will be. The cabinet to the left of that will not be there, we'll be replacing it with a 21 inch piece that we originally thought we wouldn't need, but now we have extra space because the corner piece is 33 inches instead of the 36 we had planned for.

Nathan was cutting plywood for countertop underlayment and kinda forgot about the wide piece where for the breakfast bar on the other side of the penninsula. So he has to redo that yet, then will come the layer of cement board and then... tile! Yay.

Yay, yay, yay!!!

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  1. Looks AWESOME!

    Too bad about the work party cancel.

    I saw Karen L.'s kitchen (also putting in {topoftheline} cabinets right now)and they have corner cabinets that have a lazy susan that's like a circle with a pie piece cut out for that corner. When she spun it, it stopped at the right place. The insert must be available someplace...?

    Looking forward to viewing the finished job!