Saturday, July 5, 2008

Amish for a day. Or three.

I had a very witty post composed in my head yesterday. It was about being without electricity. It was really great! You would have loved it. However, since I had no electricity in my house at the time, I couldn't actually turn on the computer and connect to the internet. I also couldn't do my laundry. Or flush the toilet. Or take a shower which I already hadn't done in three days. And my caller-ID was completely non-responsive. Well, so was my phone. We had to go get a phone that has a cord and doesn't need to be plugged in.

Wednesday night we had a bad storm and the power pole across the road from our house got stuck by lightening and blew out the transformer. (This is startling to me because... well... dang. That could have been one of the giant, old maple trees in our front yard, which have been struck in the past.) And with entire towns out of power throughout the area, two houses in the middle of a predominately Amish neighborhood were pretty small potatoes.

So much for the 4th of July party I had planned here. I had to pack it up and move it to a friend's house.

But we survived. I tend to forget how spoiled we are. We kinda had fun playing games by the light of the Coleman lantern after Jonah was in bed. However, here's a tip: Don't start a game of Risk at 10:00 at night. Especially if you're playing against a man. Risk is such a guy thing. And it's boring. And it takes a looooong time.

But the water buckets and flashlights got old. So did everything in my freezer. (Thankfully our neighbor lent us a little camping generator that saved our food just as it got soft.) So today is Saturday and we cheered when the power company dudes finally showed up to hook us up.

We had made sure to unplug the computer equipment, but failed to unplug the phone because we didn't realize it was plugged in somewhere else. With an oldish surge protector. So the phone got fried as did the phone jack side of the DSL filter. So now we still have to use the cord phone and we have to unplug it and plug int he DSL when we want to use the computer. Which means we can't get calls when we're on the internet. Doesn't that sound familiar somehow? I seem to remember dealing with that... Oh yeah, it's kinda like dial-up. Hm. Bummer. So if you can't get ahold of me, well, send me an e-mail.


  1. Katie, that is indeed a tough time story, especially for us who are so dependent upon electricity.

    But our story here in Minnesota is even harder to grasp. I don't know how we managed.

    On Friday morning, we got in the car and drove a grueling hour to Annandale, to Carter & Kolbie's place on the lake. When we got there, Mom and I single-handedly got our stuff out of the trunk and hauled it into the house and to the waiting lawn chairs there.

    We were then forced to visit with family and friends while enjoying the hot weather and cooling ourselves with a beer or two.

    After that, we had the miserable task of getting into the pontoon boat and participating in the Independence Day Parade on the lake, followed by water skiing, swimming, and the like.

    It was tough, but Mom and I felt we were up to the challenge.

    And today. Today ... we were forced to spend even more time in the company of friends. Aarrgghh!

    And you think YOU had it bad!

    [When we see you next, please don't hit me. It might hurt my sunburn]

    Love you all,
    Dad Diers

  2. Sounds ALMOST as bad as Switzerland, Dave