Friday, July 11, 2008

Chicken Flip

My brother, over there on the other side of the world, posted some pics today of him swimming. That is, I can only assume he was swimming, as he isn't in the water in any of the pictures. Apparently, he was preparing to do a backflip off a concrete wall of some sort. I'm just thankful he hasn't yet adopted the custom used in some parts of Europe of wearing a Speedo. Anyway, there was no picture of him actually hitting the water, so I can only imagine that this is what must have happened:

Ready for this?

It's kind of embarrassing...

Notice how he get's about half way down and quickly changes his mind and flips himself Kung-fu style back up to solid ground. "Ack! Whoops! Big mistake!" Then when he gets up, you can see the relief in his face-- "Whew!" he says as he looks up and thanks his exceptionally vigilant guardian angel.

The big chicken.


  1. HI larious!!

    You are so good

  2. I can't help getting scared in mid flip. But at least my mystical Tiger-Craine Kung-fu skills saved my life. Not the first time- and I'm most positive it won't be the last. Many mornings I wake up, look at myself in the mirror and say "Kris, where would you be if you ha't spent 3 years in that pagoda in Tibet mastering the Tiger-Craine style? What if you had chosen Flying-Lotus instead?"

    My friends the answer to that question lies right here on this blog.
    I would be in the Z├╝rich See

  3. Wait, I have a great story about Speedo's.

    When I was in Bellinzona, Gabby's friend Umberto came up from Rome. Dude is hilarious. So we were going swimming and he says "I need a bath... bath... bath..."

    At this point we're like "Bath?"

    He says "Nah... a bath... cost-ooh-meh (Costume, with hardcore Italian accent)." At this point we're all dying laughing.

    He pretends we're not even laughing and goes on: "I was just in Mexico, and all of the Americans, Canadians, and Mexicans were making fun because I only had my Speedo at the beach. They said they could not talk to me because it was distracting them."
    We continue to laugh like crazy.

    He never ended up getting a bath costume, and he wore his bannana hammock to the beach anyway.