Thursday, September 24, 2009

Keep Up the Good Work

All summer, the county road commission has been "chip sealing" the back roads around here. With the help of the Economic "Stimulus" Plan they're "putting America to work" as the sign says, laying that sticky goo covered in gravel which settles into place as everyone drives over it. Seems like "make-work," as far as I'm concerned, since the gravel just settles right into the potholes and the cracks open up again when the road heaves in the winter and spring.

On the way home from Story Time at the library in a nearby small town, I saw that they had only just painted the lines on a recently chip-sealed road. Ah, bright, new yellow lines...

And then I saw It.

Behold, I give you:

Our Tax Dollars at Work

(Sorry... hope you weren't eating your lunch. Have a nice day!)

(ETA: see sequel here.)


  1. HAHAHA!!!!! That is unbelieveable!!! Did they not see it? Are they BLIND?!

  2. I actually recall seeing a whole website devoted to this kind of stuff years ago...

  3. Wow. You gonna be internet famous. I hope you tagged that image- maybe it needs a watermark with your URL. It'll get you lots of hits, no?

  4. Heck that picture has been flying around e-mail for as long as I have had an e-mail account (like 20 years).

    Line painting trucks - you've probably seen them on the roads-- have a booth on the back of the truck that doesn't give so much advance notice.

    I bet you would probably be angry to have your mistakes broadcast....especially when it's a fake.

  5. Ha! That person up above got mad.

    Hey Katie- you really need to quit posting fake photos that have been going around emails for like, 20 years.

  6. Hahaha!! Because everybody who's anybody has been on the intertubes for at least 25.

    While I have heard of this phenomena before, I just thought it kinda funny to actually see it myself. But I guess I was dreaming when I came home and told Nathan that I saw painted roadkill and he said to go back and take a picture. And then I drove over there, and parked on the side of the road, and took a picture of decayed wildlife. The things I go through to entertain my readers. If I were really dedicated, I would go back and have Jonah stand in the picture and point.

    Good thing I don't worry too much about commenters who don't even have the chutzpah to leave a NAME.

  7. I have arrived. I have haters reading my blog.

  8. Methinks maybe Anonymous has a little road work in his/her employment history and is a little touchy on the subject.

  9. ha ha ha ha ha! The comments are almost funnier than the picture!