Monday, March 16, 2009

Chicken Gossip

Pickalittle, talkalittle, pickalittle, talkalittle, cheep! cheep! cheep! talkalot, pickalittlemore!

"Can ya see 'em?"

"Almost, hold on..."

"Huh! REvolting!"

"Who da ya suppose they are?"

"Not, 'who' dahlin', but 'what'?"

"Whay, do ya know what I heard? I heard them's from OUTTA SPACE!"


"Why Yayes! And that's not awwwlll..."

"...I also heyard that them has a finity for wayater!"


"Whay, hit ain't natural!!"

"Oh! Don't look! Act normal! Thayah lookin' at us!"

"Weeell. I am gonna look at them! Theym ain't fit to be fowl!"

"Well, Frank Junyah. You ARE the leadah. YOU should tawk to 'em!"

"Whah, now... I doan know, Missus... They doan look decent to tawk too... Rabbit, what's your estahmashun?"


"Well, now... she ain't no help!"

"I say we RALLY! We don't know what kinda influ-ences thay mahght be bringin'! It's undignifired!"

"Run 'em outta town! This is our home! We don't need no indecent, wahtah-finity folks 'round these parts! Think of the childrun! Whay, they could dra-own!"

Pickalittle, talkalittle, pickalittle, talkalittle, cheep! cheep! cheep! talkalot, pickalittlemore... pickalittle talkalittle cheep, cheep, cheep,CHEEP, cheep, cheep, cheep, cheep...


  1. hee hee what a cute post and what GORGEOUS chickens! Have you seen the fancy ones that look a bit like Beethoven?

  2. Don't you have a life?

    Just kidding, kinda...

  3. I'm with Seth. I will now break my own rules-


    Just kinda kidding, too.

  4. Awesome pictures and post!

    I didn't know you could speak chicken! (but I'm not surprised).

  5. And I take it that means you guys acquired some ducks?

  6. I came over from Fresh Fixins and found you on her favorites. I love the chicken gossip. I have chickens too and your Music Man Rendition is really clever.Aren't chickens a hoot?

  7. hahaha!!!
    i think it's only the chicken owners that get it!

  8. Holy crap, that's the funniest thing I've read all day!

  9. Your chickens are much smarter than mine.

  10. Your chicken gossip post is HILARIOUS!