Wednesday, July 30, 2008


My brother left a comment on my last post about something to the effect of my blog making his day. Well, let me make your day even better, brother of mine...

I heard a few days ago that he's going to be home in Oregon briefly during the middle of August before heading off for his next adventure- in Ecuador. "Can you come, too?" Mom asked. Yeah, right, I thought. But...

We spent a few days messing around when we should have bought tickets right away which made for a ticket-purchasing nightmare today (which included a call from one of our credit card company's fraud protection questioning multiple attempts to buy plane tickets). But the short version is that WE? We're going to Oregon! ALL THREE OF US! A real, live, honest-to-goodness family vacation. For real. Nathan is going, too. This is monumental. The funding for the tickets was gifted to us, for which I am extremely grateful as there is no way we could have afforded it. But, did I mention, WE"RE GOING TO OREGON!

I'm a little excited. I've not really been able to focus on anything all day (which could also be due to spending 5 hours fighting with online ticket booking and watching the prices climb steadily). I'm a little worried about the tremendous amount of work to be done before we leave in TWO! WEEKS! but I guess there's always work to do. And I'll be gone for NINE! DAYS! right when tomato season will be getting going, so I'll hope for a long and bountiful harvest this year so that I can still get plenty of sauce canned.



  1. Ahhhhhhh I can't wait to see you all! What day do you show up? If all goes well it'll be like the 11 or 12 on my end

  2. It's the 11th for me officially. Booked my biznazz.

    By the way, what is "SQUEEEEE!!!" ??

    If it sounds how it reads, it would make we want to slap the person making that sound!

  3. Um. It's just Squeeing. You know, with delight and such. Not particularly high-pitched. Like "Wheeee!", but "Squeee!"