Monday, July 14, 2008


Yesterday, we went to Toledo to visit an elderly friend. He recently had two heart attacks and a stroke (not necessarily in that order) all in quick succession, and is amazingly still alive after heart surgery and numerous drugs and who knows what else. He's in a rehab center and doing quite well. We heard that he and his wife may be moving to Tennessee soon so their son can help them. This rehab center had a nice little duck pond with a pavilion and dock. We hung out there and visited and Jonah had lots of fun feeding the ducks.

(Doesn't he look like such a little boy? I can't believe it! Where did my baby go?)

You'll have to excuse my laziness today in not editing my photos and getting them cleaned up a little. They really are horrid. I just have too much other graphics work to do for this website I'm working on and I don't feel like playing with pictures... I promise to try to do better. Soon.

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