Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Lawn Mowing: Oldschool Style

Nathan got an old push-reel mower at an auction. Saves gas, and builds arm muscles, I'm thinkin'. It actually cuts quite well as long as it's kept in good shape. Actually, he said it was for me. No, I haven't used it. But it made for some great workin'-man training.


  1. Our neighbors, the M.s two doors down, got one too. And they hang their clothes out on the line. Not because they're countrified or thrifty, but because they're extremely environmentally conscious.
    Carbon footprint and all that.

    Cute pictures! As always.

  2. Yo, remember that black and white photo of Grandpa leaning on the push mower with his hat down over his eyes? Thats what I thought of. SO rad!