Saturday, July 19, 2008


Why? Why did God have to make mosquitoes? And if He had to make them, why do we have to be food for them to make their stupid, little babies? I don't want them to make their stupid, little babies. They'll just grow up and bite me so they can make more stupid, little babies. I'm against mosquito procreation.

And why do we have to have the kind that BITE ALL DAY?

It is 11:30 in the morning. Practially noon. I just came in from my garden. I was picking beans and cucumbers. And I was eaten. Jonah ran, screaming, back inside. Even his powerful desire to help me wouldn't keep him out with the mosquitoes.

Two hours ago I thoroughly coated us in this very awesome spray so that I could pick pie cherries at a friend's house (which should have been picked a week ago, but I didn't know about them, but at least I got enough to make my sweet husband a cherry pie, but I don't have any cream for whipped cream which I know he loves on his pie. Anyway.). Normally that stuff works great, and it did at first, but it's supposed to last 6 hours. However, when I went out to the garden, the mosquitoes swarmed me and said, "Hey! A lemon-eucalyptus flavored person! Let's get ready to make some stupid, little, lemon-eucalyptus flavored babies!"

We wait, all winter, trapped in the house, for summer, when we can be free. And then, instead of being imprisoned by snow, we're imprisoned by mosquitoes who want to drink us dry for their stupid, little babies.

Meh. I'm gonna go make pickles now.

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