Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feline Entertainment

Jonah has a cute occupation this morning. The kittens kept running away, so he found away to bend them to his will.

Our neighbors across the road from us defaulted on their house a while ago and are now moved out. I know it's terrible to say it, but we don't really miss them. We also inherited their passel of cats, and I'm quite annoyed. I do not like all these irritating cats underfoot, begging for food, prowling the porches, trying to run into the house every time the door is opened. We have our two cats, they earn their keep, and we like them. But if two's a couple, three's a crowd-- and a dozen is insanity.

Anyway, these two kittens belong to one of those cats. And kids like kittens and Jonah's no exception.

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