Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet Experimentation

Yesterday I was mixing dough in my mixer and Nathan was teasing me about something. I laughed and told him he had better be nice to me because I was making him cinnamon rolls.

He stopped and his eyes got big and incredulous. "You're making cinnamon rolls? Wow... For real? Why?"

"Just for you. Because I love you so much."

"Mmmmm... Wait... you're testing a recipe, aren't you?"

Well, he was right. But I can still say they're for him.

I'm not sure if I can call it an actual, you know, recipe, because I just kind of dumped stuff together and didn't write it down. I really wanted to try making sourdough cinnamon rolls. I've only made naturally yeasted loaf bread before. I've never tried harnessing my yeasty friends for specialty breads, so I wasn't sure about timing and control of the risings.

But I have to say, it worked great! The rise was fantastic. You wouldn't think that sourdough would be a first choice for cinnamon rolls, but these things are super sweet. I think I really love the flavor and slight tangyness of the bread against all the cinnamon and sugar and butter and the maple-rum icing.

Yum. Now to think about supper. Or not. Why can't we just live on cinnamon rolls?


  1. you can and your bread baking skills are inspirational. wouldn't you like to teach us?