Friday, March 20, 2009


At first when I watched that I thought, "Huh?" Yeah, all that information doesn't quite seem to go together (but then... it does). It's interesting stuff though. But the fact is, the video in itself in a bombardment of information. Just like we're getting all the time now. Why is it that we constantly "need" this steady input of technology? How many times a day do I go to my computer to look something up? To figure something out? For entertainment? It freaks me out sometimes because it seems that my brain is wired to the computer. Do I really need this? I dunno. Every ounce of me wants to say "YES!" I mean, I've learned a lot of stuff. It makes my life easier... and I LIKE the internet. A lot. But the line between use and abuse seems awfully thin...

At the same time, however, I feel like I do actually need technology to solve the problems that technology has created. The prevalence and general acceptance of Edible Foodlike Substances? It's in the Far Reaches of the Internets that I've learned how to overcome that. General navigation of commerce? Pretty much can't be done without the internet. The 30 bucks we pay each month for our high speed connection actually helps us to save and earn money in so many ways.

Seriously, who needs a set of encyclopedias?

Most ironically of all-- my "back to the land" attitude? All the "old fashioned ways" like sourdough bread and maple syrup and saurkraut and raw milk and organic gardening? All those things that have been abolished by tecnology? I've learned them on the internet.

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