Monday, March 2, 2009

Motherly Heart Failure

I just looked out the window to check on Jonah playing outside (in the balmy 11 degree sunshine).

And I found him alright.

Here's what I saw:


  1. Katie, When we were living on Vassar Rd., I came home from work one night and saw you, Kristin, and Neal waaaay up in the pine trees in the back yard. One of you said, hey look, dad. I just kept on walking and went into the house.

  2. Motherhood: FAIL

    I'm only KIDDDIINGG.

    That picture looks awesome, btw. It's just COOL

  3. Motherhood: FAIL? I think not. She said she freaked out. I think pops gets the Fatherhood: FAIL for walking past and going into the house when he saw us as kids.

  4. No, I didn't exactly freak out... I went and got the camera. THEN I told him not to go any higher...

    I think Dad gets a thumbs up for resisting the helicopter parent syndrome.