Friday, March 6, 2009

Almost-Spring Rambling

It's 59 degrees out. Fiftywonderfulnine!!!

Feels durned good, I'm tellin' ya.

So what am I doing here at my computer? Hm. Good question. Well, I felt sorry for you all since you haven't heard from me in daaaayys. (Hey now. I heard that collective groan...)


The road has been calling to me all day. Need to take a walk. On that note however-- shoes. Arg. I hate "athletic shoes". I have never owned a pair in my entire life. They're ugly on me. And they feel weird. Sandals or clogs or boots work fine, thanks. But I'm getting to the point... where I just might be a traitor to the cause and get a pair of... ugh, I can hardly say it... "tennis shoes." Yesterday, in desperation for a long, brisk walk, I loaded Jonah in the wagon and hit the road. I wore some El Cheapo Wal-Fart shoes that I bought six years ago and pretty much never wear anymore in favor of aforementioned sandals and clogs. And my feet are still sore today. I only walked a piddly mile or so. Pathetic. So I looked on The Awesomeness that is Endless for decent walking shoes. Gah! Even discounted, they're spendy. Who do these people think they are, charging so much for shoes made at a sweatshop in China? I admit-- I am picky. They must not be too white. Or ugly. They must be breathable. Very breathable. My usual avenues for procuring necessities for very little money (ebay, thrift stores, garage sales, freebies) just don't work for shoes. I mean... ick. So I pondered how to secure a pair of walking shoes. I had pretty much decided on the Mal-Worts again, and then a neighbor made an appointment for a massage tomorrow and I thought-- "Aha! Shoe money!", here I come! Of course, that doesn't really help me for today in which the temperature is supposed to peak at 63 and I need a walk. Rubber boots. That's the answer. I can splash in puddles with Jonah.

Eh-hem. That was some strange ramble right up there. You still with me?

Am spoiled American.


My husband is wonderful about chopping and hauling and sawing (lather, rinse, repeat, not necessarily in that order, some restrictions apply, void where prohibited) fire wood to keep us warm. I mean seriously, he's a superman. We go through wood like nobody's business, but he continues to cheerfully supply it. This time of year though, completely understandably, it starts to wear on him. He gets so excited when the temperature gets above freezing --"Oh, it's so warm outside!"-- and he pretty much figures we don't need a fire anymore. I try to explain to him that no, it's just less cold because it's Still Winter (four season in Michigan: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, Road Constuction) and that a "comfortable temperature" outside is "chilly" inside and that's what our drafty, old house will quickly be without a fire in the woodstove! Besides, can't I enjoy a time of wonderful warmth in the house instead of the constant chill that we have when it's 5 degrees out?

Sigh. The debate rages on.


My chickens have decided with the wonderful weather in which they get to resume their foraging outside, that we might enjoy daily egg hunts, the better with which to enjoy the lovely weather. Not so, my cherubic chickens, I tell them. I've tried explaining that we keep them around because we need the eggs and that if we don't get eggs, we won't keep them around and they could suddenly find themselves in a stew pot, but they don't seem to believe me. I need to work on my poker face when I talk to them. Or find a better liar to deliver the news.


Nathan collected 150 gallons of maple sap this morning. He has to go collect again tonight.



Okay, well I guess I can't think of anything else to write because I can only think of going outside.

So long for now!

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  1. Men. Wood chopping men. They are all the same.

    It happens here too. Only it takes just, say, 55 degrees and it's "warm" enough to forget a fire. Excuse me....55 in the house is not "warm!" and it's still February, or in this case March!

    I'm winning, finally, and we keep the fire going.

    150 gallons of sap! Woo Hoo!