Sunday, March 8, 2009

We Are Seven

I stole these from my Mom's blog. Shamelessly. Because we were so cute. If I do say so myself.

Me: "Daddy, can I have a rabbit? "

Kristin: "Why, yes, I am handsome... suave... debonair... dashing..."

Neal: "How you doin'?"

Seth: "Huh? Oh, hi! Um, were you saying something?"

Alyssa: "Look at MEEEEEE!!!"

Samuel: "Hey! Give me that camera and I'll have it taken apart in 10 seconds flat!"

Peter: "Wanna snuggle?"

Yep. That's us.


  1. Adorable! With one on the way, I hope I have as cute as these (or you)!

    FYI: Come over to my page to check out the free diaper I am giving away.

    Love... Hot Belly Mama

  2. Wait a minute, I'm confused.... When do I go "Look at MEEEEEEE!!!" ? I don't do that.... Like, ever.

    All the rest make sense though...^_^

  3. Yes. Yes, I am a pirate. Totally. I just can't resist cute baby pictures. You got a blog-plug out of the deal, though.

    Lyssa-- when you were little, you were the biggest drama queen on the planet, plus, you were the baby of the family for a long time.

  4. I am not a drama queen. Was? Maybe. Now? Nah. I don't LIKE people to LOOK AT MEEEEEEEE. I resent this caption!

  5. I lovveeeee baby pictures, there is a majorly strong family resemblance in ya'lls faces, the first 4 look like quads!

  6. Haha...I love the fact that this post started with "I stole these from my Mom's blog"