Monday, March 9, 2009

All Wet

Betcha didn't know we have lakefront property.

Well, we do now anyway.

We've had torrential rains the last few days and there's lots of flooding. The road and field right down from our house is flooded over.

Last night we decided we wanted to go check it out, so we took a little walk, properly attired, of course.

Water, water, everywhere!

The Amish buggies drive right through it.

Jonah really thought it would be fun to "put our shorts on" and go swimming.

I didn't agree. But we did lost of splashing...

...and skipping rocks...

And we even found this weird little fountain. It's not a spring --at least, it's never been there before-- so we think all the water built up pressure under the ground somehow.

It was such a lovely evening, with the sun breaking through the rainclouds.

We made sure to check our sap buckets when we got home. It's been a little to warm at night for the sap to flow well, but we'll hoping it'll pick up again this week.

It's nice to be able to get outside and enjoy the world again. Reeeeeally nice.


  1. You didn't use a different camera for tis, did you? Looks way sharper and better exposed than other photos you've had up.

  2. Yeah, I finally figured out how to convent my Minolta to digital....

    :-P Not really. No, same ol' pointer-shooter. I think it's just the magic of the light that makes these photos look good.

  3. They're SOOC, too. Was too lazy for post-processing.

  4. what a lovely evening. when the sky looks all dreamy like that, my daughter requests to go 'on a moonlight stroll'. i love that she calls it that. and i love going on them with her. there's something exhilerating about being out right before bed time. i mean, err, for her. not me. because i'm totally cool...

  5. Gorgeous pictures! The water looks good, hopefully your home isn't in any danger of getting wet. Amish neighbors, wow you ARE out in the country; now I am really jealous.
    I'm having a contest, please enter!