Monday, March 30, 2009


A couple of weeks ago, I was at a thrift store (it's an illness, I know) and I found this cute black sweater and just had to bring it home.

Maybe it's not much of a fashion statement, but I like it and I'm not into fashion statements anyway.

(Yeah, that's my "barbie camera" as Nathan calls it.)

Jonah loves this sweater. Normally, of course, he couldn't care less what Mommy wears, but this particular sweater has a built-in-almost-four-year-old-entertainment-device.

It has big buttons.

He's just learning how to do buttons and it's a thing of fascination for him. Also, he might be a little more obsessive-compulsive than most almost-four-year-olds. He almost can't stand that I usually wear this sweater without all the buttons buttoned as buttons should properly be buttoned.

So this morning, after I put this sweater on, with only two buttons buttoned, he couldn't resist and informed me that I must stay still, now.

With great concentration, he buttoned me up and then he said, "There! Now you can't get out!"

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  1. Great picture. Wish my monitor would let me see it better.

    Jonah makes me laugh. I think most little boys do that button thing. Peter now prefers button-up shirts and always wears them buttoned to the neck.