Friday, March 13, 2009

In Which I Ask You To Opine

I need help. It's a dilemma, you see.

What you see here is an entry way.

The view is looking from the kitchen into the living room.

Nathan has just finally finished the drywall there, so I get to paint it! I'm currently working on wiping it down so that I can break out the primer with paint to follow tomorrow.

But here's my problem:

Do you see it?

Look closer.

See, there's that funny corner, there. It was completely unavoidable. The kitchen is a fixed-up, old addition on an even older house, and things just don't meet up well on old houses. Nathan fooled with that thing until he was spitting nails, but it firmly refused to comply. So we ended up with a funny corner. At the time, I said, "Who care? It's quirky. Don't make yourself crazy over it. We can live with a funny corner." But now, as I prepare to paint it, I'm faced with the main problem with funny corner presents.

What color do I paint that narrow, little two-inch wide surface?

It's in the same plane as the inside of the entry way, but it's visually part of the kitchen walls.

So what do I do? Make a little edge there and paint it the same color as the walls, or edge it carefully up in the color of the entryway? I'm leaning toward the latter, but I need opinions on this matter. (Insert "poet, don't know it" comment here.) Either way is going to be a pain in the behinder to paint, so I'm not going for "easiest", I'm going for "looks less weird".

I don't know what to do! Weigh in!

Post haste, if you'd be so kind.

(Methinks this is a "first world" problem if there ever was one. Am spoiled, yes.)


  1. Hi! projects, so fun! :) I'd vote for the almond up the awkward corner. Another could hang a faux curtain just on that side so your eye's distracted. Like hang it 1/2 way up with a pretty band keeping it to one side...just a thought. :) The sheetrock job looks great! Can't wait to see what you end up doing!

    Misti @

  2. I'd go with the almond. You could paint it yellow first, slap some painters tape at the level of the overhang corner, paint the almond below, and make a nice line that switches colors. But it would honestly just look a bit strange. Thus, just do it almond and it will look fine. Kind of contrasting accent color thingy.

  3. i vote for yellow and dont point it out to people its too high to notice

  4. Mark the professional painter said 'yellow'

  5. Wait...
    I'm the professional mentioned, right? I definitely said almond.

  6. Yellow, but with an angle of almond so that from the living room you see almond, from the kitchen you see some dumb angle which makes it look nice from the living room. Makes sense? Probably not, but that's my $2 ($.02 inflated).

  7. Kristin-- open mouth, insert foot. Think of a painter you know named "Mark"...

  8. I will summon a paint expert.


    I'll try to get her in here....

  9. Hey Katie...........your Mom asked me to weigh in so here I go. Stay with the almond, do not to create what isn't. But what I really suggest is that you choose more contrasting colors, not yellow & almond. Think almond and a green or red. Think yellow and a blue. Define the space, celebrate the new!

  10. Thanks, Karen. Here's the thing: the kitchen is already yellow. The living room is currently sage, but will soon be a darker shade of sage. (Red accents throughout both the kitchen and living room as my husband wouldn't let me paint the kitchen red.) The inside of the entry way can be whatever, but I have some almond paint that I thought would make a good transition between the green and yellow. Not sure that I can paint the inside of the entryway red...

    Anyway, I agree about "don't create what isn't" and I think I should keep the same color up that corner.

  11. I'm sorry I didn't mean Kris wasn't professional, but Mark is painting million dollar homes as a profession, and that is his professional opinion. He says that is going to have to be a personal choice.

  12. My understanding of Karen's suggestion is to eliminate the almond because there isn't enough contrast with the yellow. You don't need the "transition" color. Why not the darker sage?

  13. Late on this comment thread.
    Cindy, wanna play "who has painted more expensive houses" game?
    Me: 15 million dollar "log cabin" in Donner Pass, Cali.
    You move, Mark.

  14. I say almond, but I'm with Karen - why not red?? :)