Friday, March 27, 2009


Maple tapping season is officially over. The trees started to bud and the sap turned sour. Nathan pulled the taps and is probably feeling the relief of not having to run all over creation emptying buckets every day.

So here's what I have to do:

Bottle the stuff. I have 40 of those cute little quart jugs to fill, plus more that I'll put in canning jars for our own use.

So I have a little work ahead of me. But, oh, how sweet it is!

AND... stay tuned for a sweet surprise coming here soon! (Hopefully next week, no promises on the timing, though...)


  1. Your "coming soon" usually means in a month.

    Procrastinators unite!


  2. oooh, free syrup for me? That would be a lovely surprise!

  3. Procrastinators unite!


    My sentiments exactly

  4. Sell it! Great source of income. Save me a bottle. I'll be glad to pay! Especially with all the tlc added to the product. Right??