Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Because it's a gloomy Tuesday morning (whatever happened to Indian summer, anyway?), I thought I'd show you what my life is really like. No, really.

I was going about my business, putting dishes away after breakfast. Yes, dishes from last night. Because, while I do make sure to wash dishes twice each day, I do not dry and put them away promptly. I do put them away, but only after they've air dried. Because frankly, I have better things to do that dry all the dishes myself. Soon, I will have a child capable of drying and putting away dishes, but until then, forget it. Better things to do.

Hey, speaking of doing dishes, and this is a total aside, but I just thought of this story. The Amish in our neighborhood are preparing for a wedding, to be held on Thursday just down the road from here. The Amish hold weddings in the fall (one can only speculate as to why, and I do have some theories!) and the weddings are generally held at the home of the bride.

Yesterday evening, a sister of the bride came to my kitchen to make frosting for the big wedding cake (which, I'm informed they do not decorate). She brought butter, sh-sh-shortening (actually Nathan had stopped at the store on his way home and bought the shortening for them. Pretty sure that's the only time Nathan has, or will ever buy shortening), powdered sugar and a recipe.

And why did she need me?

Because I have an electric mixer. It's much easier to make an ice-cream-bucket full of frosting with an electric mixer than by elbow-power. Much. And it turns out fluffier that way as well.

So we made a giant batch of frosting! In my kitchen! And it was fun!

And here's the part of the story that I was getting to; the part that made me think of telling you this story in the first place.

She washed up afterwards.


She just went right to the sink and proceeded to wash the dishes we had used and wipe off the counter while I put things away.

Wasn't that sweet of her? I love that.

'Course, I pretty much always love when other people clean my kitchen. (Like my Mother-in-law. She always washes all my dishes when she's here. Hey... only a few more weeks until she comes for Thanksgiving...)

Okay, so that was not why I started this post, although, in a minute, you might wish it were. You'll be begging me to just end it right here.

But I'm not going to.

Now where was I? Oh yes, putting away the supper dishes I had washed last night after supper (but before the frosting episode).

So I got to this big bowl:

I love big bowls.

Anyway, I noticed something odd about it...

No, not my distorted reflection, though that is a little odd. I'm talking about something creepy crawly.

A broccoli worm. Yes, crawling around inside my big bowl. Yes, I know how it got in here- on the broccoli, of course. How it survived the salt-water bath I gave the broccoli, I'll never know. How it managed to find it's way into my big bowl is more of a mystery still. But there it was, and my poor camera just had no idea what to focus on, and you can count your blessings that I could not take a closer shot.

Because I totally would have.

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  1. You know what? When you do a post like this I just love you. If I was your neighbor I'd wash your dishes, and let them drip dry.