Monday, October 19, 2009

Hi Ho Silver!

Jonah is a great help with the animal chores every morning and evening. In fact, I bet he could almost just do it all himself! He knows the routine pretty well. He can feed the chickens and cats, let the ducks out of their house, fill water buckets with the hose (well... before it started freezing at night...), and he can carry hay to the goats and spread some clean bedding for them. I always tie up Cappuccino while I milk Opal so that Izzy and Pebble can eat some grain undisturbed. He knows how to hook her to the rope, and double checks that she is untied before we leave the barn.

He's a good helper!

But what is work without a little play to sweeten it?

Yes, he rides goats.

They're just his size, and Cappuccino is so sweet and gentle that she couldn't care less that there's a kid on her back! (And she's practically the size of a pony, anyway...)

As long as Opal has some hay to eat, she doesn't care either.

Of course, if they start to walk away, he just plops off the side... but he's getting a little better at the dismount. Maybe he needs to work on his "knee grip"...


  1. I remember Sam and Pete wearing those same clothes.
    Now you just need to untie the goat and see what happens.

  2. The sweat pants didn't come from Sam and Pete, but the coat... yeah. And he loves it!

    When she's untied, she stands there... eating her hay. :-)

  3. This is so cute!!!! i have missed you, can't believe your having so much cold already!