Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Packing Up to Head to the Nearest Bridge

I am such a bum.

I've been neglecting my poor blog in the worst way. So much for posting every day. But don't feel bad, dear reader. I'm not only neglectful of my blog (and by extension, you), but everything else.

I have peppers that need pickling, because my dear husband bought a big bag of jalapenos for cheap and then asked me sweetly. I can't resist when he asks me sweetly.

I have a child who has all sorts of ideas about what I need to make for him out of paper and tape and string.

I have a website that needs updates and a actual paying website that needs... well everything.

My house is still greatly in need of dejunking.

Oh boy, and do I ever have potatoes to dig!a

I even have photos for a few blog posts rolling around in my camera-- but no impetus to do anything about it.

Oh yes, I have piles of things to work on and loads of good intentions.

And what am I doing?

What, I ask you?


Sitting here. Reading blogs. Eating the last of the good chocolate.


Yes, I am.

(Private to my Mom: Did you bring me some of the good stuff when you came back from gallivanting in the land of chocolate mountains?)

I wish I had something funny to say. Or sweet. Or... interesting. But to be honest with you-- I'm a little irritable. Hostile, even.

Bad tempered.





Not that I have any real reason to be. But it doesn't matter. The sun is not shining. It is cold. Those are all the reason I need.

I hate being cold.

I thought I would have some energy today for the Tackling of Things. But then I proceeded not to sleep last night. Again.

I hate not sleeping.


Need more chocolate.

And maybe a big pot of my favorite tea.

Because I like to self-medicate like that. Anything to just feel better, right?

Are you still with me? You're still here reading my ill-tempered meanderings? I have to say that is right decent of you.


I'm a bum.

That is all.

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  1. There is some good stuff here with your name on it. I'm trying not to eat it myself. My supply is disappearing in a shockingly swift fashion. We need someone from the chocolate country to visit us again.