Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I Done Them In!

My lungs, that is.

Cough, cough, hack, hack, wheeeeze...

I had these peppers, see?

I took an assortment of the hottest ones (habanero, jalapeno, hungarian wax, and some teeny little things that I have not identified) and whizzed them up into a pretty little confetti.

When I opened the food processor, oh, how my lungs did burn!

So I held my breath and stirred them up with some salt and set them to age a while.

The object here is to end up with hot sauce. We'll see how that goes... Never done it before and can't find much information. However, I did learn that the McIlheny's company that makes Tabasco sauce ages their pepper mash for three years in oak barrels! Three years! Not sure mine will make it quite that long.

And because I didn't yet feel like I had done sufficient damage to my bronchials, I proceeded to slice up a big bowlful of jalapenos for pickling.

These things are hazardous to your breathing, I tell ya what. My lungs, they are a burnin'. And even though I wore rubber gloves and tried to be careful, some of the pepper oils still ended up on my face. Owwww...

Note to self: find Hazmat suit for pepper slicing.


  1. I hope you're aware of just how ridiculously hot that's going to be. Think it burns your lungs- try eating that!

  2. Actually... we've been eating them and they're plenty hot. Too hot for me, but Nathan likes them. There's just something about chopping or cooking them and vaporizing those oils... ugh. I always have to ventilate the premises.