Sunday, October 11, 2009

Pill Pusher

Jonah points some little broken toy at Nathan's mouth: "What's going on in your mouth? Open up, so I can see."

Nathan: "Ahhhhh..."

Jonah: "Yep. It's bad." He picks up his play cell phone. "Yeah... Hi. His bacteria is growing. Yep, he needs medicine. Okay. Bye." Jonah gives Nathan pretend medicine.

Jonah, to me: "Let me see. What's going on in your tummy?"

Me: "It's digesting my scones."

Jonah: "It's bad?"

Me: "No. It's perfectly fine."

Jonah: "But it hurts! Open your mouth." Looks inside. "Yep. Have some medicine."

Me: "Mm."

Jonah: "Good. Have a nice day!"

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