Friday, October 2, 2009

Ta Dooo

In no particular order, the Things I Need To Do list:

~Write a blog post.
~Can salsa.
~Dig out and wash more canning jars.
~Make pear butter.
~Can pear butter.
~Again with the jars.
~Make pasta sauce.
~Can pasta sauce.
~Jars. Ditto.
~Make October blog masthead.
~Think of idea for October blog masthead.
~Consider leaving September masthead up since it's kinda pretty after all...
~Wash dishes.
~Make more Tomato-Basil-Cheese bread as thank-you gift for neighbor.
~Bottle beer.
~Taste beer.
~Package and deliver sourdough bread for Amish farmstand.
~More. Beer.
~Bring laundry mountain into submission.
~Attempt to satisfy 4 year old boy's desire to learn about Indians with pile of books from library. (Aside: Did you know that Sioux mothers would teach their babies not to cry by pinching their noses and covering their mouths when they cried? Sometimes it was dangerous for them to cry.)
~Dry basil.
~Wrap green tomatoes.
~Tincture red raspberry leaves before they're all gone.
~Go postal on fruit flies.
~Paint living room floor, now that I've wasted all the good warm days.
~Start a new batch of kombucha after neglecting the last one waaaay too long.
~Dig potatoes.
~Bag onions.
~Cure squash and sweet potatoes.
~Scrub toilet.
~Dig more burdock root.
~Dig horseradish at Amish neighbor's.
~Make super-hurkin'-hot-viral-tonic with horseradish, garlic and peppers soaked in vinegar.
~Clean and organize upstairs.
~Declutter. Again.

The Things I WANT To Do list:
~Trash above list.
~Sit down and read a book.


  1. Check off number 10, 11, 12. Yeah!


  2. That is a LOT of work!! You and what army? I mean really by yourself? Holy mackerel saffola that is some list. Read the book. Your new header is very pretty.