Sunday, January 25, 2009

Notes To Self

~When your husband is jonesin' for cookies, drawing it out for three days saying "I'll you make cookies on Sunday" doesn't necessarily increase the proverbial point-value, but it does help postpone the sugar-fix and make the cookies taste that much better!

~The three-year-old-child-sugar-meltdown that comes after said three-year-old child binges on cookies, though? So not worth it.

~When you play the piano for church, try actually paying attention for a change and playing the "amen" approximately when the people are ready to sing it. After six stanzas, no one really wants an encore.

~Sunday afternoon naps are fantastic!

~Not sure about the whole staying-up-until midnight part that comes after, however...

~When you're not sure exactly where your property lines are, but you suspect they may be closer to the house than you'd like to think, DON'T MEASURE THEM, FOR CRYIN' OUT LOUD. It only brings bitter pain and disappointment.

~When you feel like having popcorn for supper-- have popcorn for supper.

~When feeding the sourdough starter, don't put the lid on tight, unless you like being startled by explosive noises in your house.

~While waiting 4 days for a fantastic ebay stand-mixer auction to end, checking it three times a day is not likely to make a difference in keeping the bids down. Especially when it's a $650 value and you have $150 to spend...

~Agreeing to a survey that involves watching a DVD in your cold freezing office because that's where the TV is and it won't play on a laptop and then finding out that it is a prize-drawing survey(and you know you never win anything) and the prizes are $100 worth of Edible Food-Like Substances? So not worth it.

~Stop thinking about the cookies in the cupboard! No! Stop! Must resist... Must... not... eat... more... coooooookies...

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  1. um add to the list, must not go see Noble Pig who is always making something sugary and delicious. Must not try new recipe, must not eat chocolate. Funny thing about those must not's they sure turn into must have's in big hurry.