Monday, January 19, 2009


We simply had to go outside today. The sun was shining, the temperature was a balmy 18 degrees (eh-hem) and there was only minimal wind-- a cool winter's breeze, as it were.

So Jonah and I spent 15 minutes bundling up, and headed off to the neighbor's to buy some eggs since our chickens have been remiss in their duties. I can't blame them. I don't accomplish all of my duties when I'm cold and don't get to go out and peck around at bugs, either. (Uh, waaaait...)

We crossed the drainage ditch just down the road from our house:

Ditch to the right of us...

Ditch to the left of us.

We managed to procure a couple dozen eggs and we delivered a couple loaves of fresh sourdough and had a visit in a nice warm house before we had to trek home.

Jonah had a fun ride in a borrowed sled...

...And made sure to drag hands and feet apparently in effort to help me work off all that strudel I've been eating.

Nathan was at home and said he could hear Jonah squealing and giggling the whole way back.

Hooray for fresh (if cold) air!

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