Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Fleet

This morning at Library Story Time, they read stories about airplanes. Then for a craft they made this cute little mobile with a wire coat hanger and little paper planes hanging from it. Jonah flatly refused to allow me to tie his planes onto the hanger. He didn't see the point in hanging such fun toys from the ceiling so he could look at them. Decorations don't mean much when you're 3 1/2.

I promised to make him more to play with when we got home, and we could tie the planes on to the mobile.

No go.

So when we got home, he still wanted me to make more. So I cut out a few more paper airplanes and he hasn't quit playing with them. All. Day.

He still refuses to hang any and make a mobile.

And to think that I bought him Christmas presents! I should have just cut some airplanes out of paper and put them in his stocking...

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