Sunday, January 4, 2009

Losing My Meatballs

For Christmas, Jonah got a little laptop toy that has all sorts of games and activities on it. He plays with it every day, and it amazes me how well he's figured out how to use it and has learned how to find and play many of the games.

This laptop makes a lot of noise.

I guess that's a small price to pay for being able to keep him occupied without me for brief periods of time.

It also plays songs. Electronic-sounding, synth-style songs. Actually, the selection isn't too bad, including "I've been workin' on the railrod" and "Clemetine" and "The Entertainer". He'll choose a song and then say, "Mom! Mom, what's this song?" and I'll tell him what the name is or sing some of it for him.

We just went through a session of this before I put him to bed. He played "On Top of Old Smokey" over and over, asking me to sing it, which I dutifully did:

On top of spagheeeeettiiiiiii
All covered in cheeeeese,
I lost my pooor meeeeeatbaaaaall
When somebody sneeeeeezed!

It rolled off the taaaaaablllllllllle,
And on to the floooooor
And then my pooor meeeeeatbaaaaall
Rolled out of the doooooor.

And then I made up an ending in which the meatball rolled down the driveway and into the road and then my poor meatball got ate by a toad.

Jonah found this hilarious. (Oh to be little and newly discovering these things that are soooo funny when you're hearing them for the first time. Okay, I wouldn't want to do that over again, actually, so it's fun to experience these things again through a little person's eyes.)

So he wanted me to sing it again.

Which I did, except this time the meatball rolled into the street and got trampled by feet.

"No! The TOAD!"

Oh. So I sang it again, and then the meatball rolled into the way and got covered in hay.

"Mom! The. Toad."

Here we found the meatball rolling into the lane and hitting a Great Dane.

This brought Jonah nearly to tears, so I gave in and sang it the right way. About the toad.


  1. That song actually does have a million verses about the adventures of the meatball. It doesn't get squashed until the last verse which can come after countless others. I'm sure you could google it but it's certainly fun to make up your own. Which is why there are a million.

  2. No no no NO, Deedee!

    It rolled on the siiiiiiiidewaaaalk
    And into a buuuuuuussshhh
    But then my poor meatbaaaaalllll
    It turned into muuuuuuuush

    Anywack, the boys found it hilarious,too ^_^