Monday, January 12, 2009

Daddy-Son Project

A friend gave Jonah a Build-Your-Own Airplane kit for Christmas.

I wasn't sure about the insanity-level of this sort of thing for doing with a three-year old.

Turns out, my dear husband has what it takes to tackle just such a project.

They sanded...

And sanded...

And painted....

...paaaainted... (emphasis on "pain")

And just for good measure, they did a little more painting.

(Can you imagine? Seriously? I would have popped a jugular AND blown the mainframe by this point.)

That was one Sunday afternoon's work.

Then the following Sunday afternoon, they put it together!

They assembled all those little pieces...

"I have a BIPLANE!" Jonah says.


  1. AWESOME Jonah! (and Nathan)

  2. Oh it's CUTE, fabulous job!