Saturday, November 1, 2008


I stole this picture from my brother's blog. Yeah, that's right, I pirated it, and I'm admitting it as "stolen". But I'm not apologizing, just being upfront about it. After all, he's my brother, and he used to steal my Easter candy.

Besides, I was only making a copy.

(If you're wondering what that was about, check out his blog and scroll down to the post about piracy. I would link directly to the post, but apparently I can't permalink to his individual posts. Update: Nevermind, here's the link: piracy)

So I really liked this shot because I have a thing for red. A passion. My husband will not let me paint any walls red... otherwise, who knows what I might have done to this house. So I like to find pretty red things. Like this photo. I Gimped it a little and got it to where I like it even more. (But I think it was ruined in the upload to Blogger. Ugh... in fact, now that I'm looking at it in Blogger, it looks... ick. Blurry. Blah. Low-res junk. Well, I'm posting it anyway, and you can use your imagination.)

Just wanted to make sure you got a little dose of red today.


  1. Few things-
    You can permalink to my posts. Mouse over the post until the "link" icon pops up in the top right corner of the post. Alternately click the comment hyperlink, which takes you to just the post and comments, and copy/paste the text in the nav bar.

    I kinda feel like I like my version of the photo better. But your crop looks good as well. Hit the F11 key to view my blog full page and see what you think of the photo in big size.

    And the piracy thing- you gave me credit, so why should I care? If you had taken it and not given me credit, that would kinda suck. And digital music? I would have to download the song and then be like "Check out this awesome song I made." But I give the artist credit for the song, like you did for my photo. See?

  2. Yeah, I knew that about the mouseover link, I just couldn't find it for that post. I just realized that it was because I didn't go all the way to the top of the post. Hee... oops. Maybe I'll fix it in my post.

    I just think the photo at least needs a crop. I cropped it, increased the saturation a tiny bit, a little unsharp mask and curves on the pepper and stem and then applied a semi-transparent hard light layer. It looked great (sharp and colorful) in on my screen until I uploaded it and it immediately looked like crap.

    As for the picture-- yeah, you don't mind me putting it on my blog because you're like, "Cool, people like my photos" but what if it were something you could have made money on? When you download a song for free, you're depriving the artist the buck it would have cost you to download it on iTunes-- their profit.

  3. Interesting. I cropped it and found it wasn't as good as the original. I just need that macro to fill the frame...
    And it came out of the camera ultra saturated, and I de-saturated it. Funny you re-saturated it. And I put it thru the curves as well, and burned in the background a bit to make the pepper stand out a bit more. How 'bout I send you the original and you can do your thing- we see what you do with it. I'm curious, I think you're better with the post processing than me.
    And as far as music- I hate record labels alot, and feel like they are everything wrong with the music industry. Just how I feel. I can't feel bad for a billion dollar record label not getting 5 bucks for an album. Go to to read a bit about just how silly the record industry is.