Monday, November 10, 2008

I Am Da Dwead Piwate Wahbarts...

Somewhere on my list of Things to Dabble in Before I Die is Learn to Make Wonderful Handmade Soaps. I have a thing for awesome soap. I am pretty picky about scents (real! not fake!) and ingredients (Also real! Also not fake!) so it can be hard to find soaps that I like. I used to do this with liquid soap but when the Little Wackaloon in my house became capable enough to wash his own hands, I discovered that my teeth really hurt when I knash them upon discovering an entire bottle of EO French Lavender Hand Soap running down the drain. It's all about bar soap now, baby.

Today I was browsing around (Warning: link may be hazardous to the health of your PayPal account. Seriously, Mom, just don't click on it.). Not for soap, or to buy anything at all, just for ideas. It's gonna be a homemade Christmas this year, folks. (Consider that fair warning.) But I happened upon this neat shop that sells handmade soaps-- Savor. I just HAD to share this one: Dread Pirate Roberts soap. Being the Princess Bride fan that I am, the description really cracked me up. I don't have the sort of bathroom that's just begging for chunky black soap to finish it off (why don't we start with, oh, I dunno, a floor and maybe a toilet paper holder?) so I really don't feel the need to buy this soap, just giggle with glee over it.

P.S. Oh, and I now know what it feels like to want to eat soap.

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