Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can You Say N U T?

Umm... blank paper, blank paper... er- compose screen that is. What to write? Hmm... Random--

~After finishing a fairly large (for me, anyway) website design project, I seem to be avoiding my laptop. I just don't wanna look at a computer. Odd, considering my considerable addiction to this machine. Remarkable, really.

~It doesn't help that we close the office door to conserve heatable-space and the cold drives me away from my computer.

~Yes, I have a laptop, but it has issues and prefers to be conected to a bunch of wires on the desk.

~I'm kind of excited about learning to use StaticMatic and writing website code with HAML and SASS, which is automatically generated to HTML and CSS. I had a lesson in it the other night with a computer-guru friend and once I caught on, I realized I'm in love. Seriously, it's organized, concise, to-the-point, efficient. Everything that HTML and CSS are not. However, my friend still needs to find a way for me to use it on my machine as it resisted whatever-it-was that he tried to do to it. He said I just need a Mac. Cool, but yeahright.

~Every computer that comes into my possession seems to loose it's will to live.

~I'm planning Thanksgiving dinner! And Nathan's parents are intrepid enough to make the 13 (?) hour drive to share in it with us and some friends from Indiana. Am very excited!

~I have a freshly butchered, 24 pound turkey cooling it's heels in my extra refrigerator. Here's hoping I can stuff it in a roasting pan...

~I also have 26 turkey feet in ziploc bags in my freezer. When my husband brings me gifts, he does it with style.

~Also in my extra fridge: 10 pounds of beef suet to grind in with our venson and 8 pounds of pork fat to render into lard.

~(I was actually very happy! About the turkey feet. And the fat, too. I like fat.)

~I am a first-class nutcase.

~Nathan tried to slice off his left middle finger while quartering our deer. This wound began randombly spurting blood at odd intervals, necessitating a store-run for skin glue and butterfly bandages.

~The deer was resolutely frozen because it's been all of 15 degrees here.

~For Nathan's birthday tomorrow, we get enjoy some "fun" "family time" processing this deer.
Woo to the Hoo.

~Nathan always asks for yellow cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday. This year, he specified that ganache is not acceptable, that it must be "regular chocolate frosting." I said, "oh, you mean, cocoa-colored powdered sugar and butter?"

~I am wondering what illness he has.

~Scratch that. I don't want to know.

~I don't wanna know what I've got, either.

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  1. a TWENTY-FOUR pound turkey??
    You better measure the oven.
    You may want to bisect that baby. Or quarter. Can we come? You'll have enough for the twelve people that will be here.