Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When You Open it to Speak, Are You Smart?

Nathan and I were goofing around, joking about something or other. I told him he made me laugh and he told me I was laughable. So that immediately brought the song to my head and I started singing it--
Your looks are laughable... Unphotographable...
And his eyes glazed over.

I said, "You know that song don't you? It's a love song in which he goes on and on about how ugly she is..."

But he wasn't listening because he'd just had a massive brain aneurysm.

So I've had the song in my head all night, but I had difficulty finding a decent version to share here... This will have to do:

Now you can have it in your head, too.

P.S. I know I've been neglecting you, all three of my faithful readers. I've been running around preparing to have company this week. I'm sure next week I'll have plenty of drivel to subject you to. You should enjoy the reprieve! Oh... and also... a confession: I've been reading a novel. (Well, the few times I have a minute to sit down, like while I inhale my lunch.) An old, crumbling paperback Taylor Caldwell that's been languishing on my shelves for years. Yeah, you know... a B O O K. It's gravitational pull is causing further distance from my laptop. That's right... no pixels, no scrolling... just pure, page-turning pleasure. It's been a loooong time, my friends.

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