Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Shuddering with Rage and Disgust

I just went outside, it was around 6:20, to lock up my chickens and feed the cats. I did that quickly then went to check behind a straw bale where a couple of chickens lay their eggs every day. There were no eggs there this morning, which was odd, but I figured they would be there tonight. And they were, but when I shined my flashlight there, I also saw a big, nasty 'possum EATING. MY. EGGS. Yuck!!! It's probably the same one that assaulted my poor girls a week or so ago and made off with a Silkie hen (who was the Mommy to a half-grown chick who is now an orphan and very put-upon by the other chickens because she has no one to protect her). And I bet he ate the eggs last night, too.

I had no weapon at my disposal (such as a post-hole digger that my husband relies upon for such instances I kid you not) and no husband at home to call upon.

This is war. (For Nathan, that is. I'm just declaring it for him.)

Oh, and I am SO glad I looked with my flashlight before just sticking my hand back there like I usually do.

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  1. Thank God for flashlights and husbands who take on our causes! A rat trap might be order. I have one, but you're too far to borrow it. :(