Friday, November 28, 2008


I try to make a point of thankfulness. I'm not very good at it, but here's where I'm at:

~I'm thankful that I didn't oversleep and I got up and got the turkey well stuffed, pinned, trussed, garlic buttered (under the skin!), salted, peppered and in the oven in time to go to church for a very good (if sparsely populated) service.

~I'm thankful that I could play the Matins liturgy kinda-sorta well enough for people to sing it (which we only do once a year, regrettably) and not get lost.

~I'm thankful to have an extra fridge, even if it malfunctioned and froze the back of my turkey.

~I'm thankful that even though the turkey took much longer to cook than calculated, it still got on the table with all the other food hot and ready before my poor husband ate his own leg.

~I'm thankful that even though I was missing my (side of the) family quite painfully, I still have wonderful friends and family-of-the-in-law-sort who make long trips to come here and eat my food.

~I'm thankful that my dear mother-in-law washes all my dishes when she comes here!

~I'm thankful that Jonah had some pals for the day.

(cute ones, too!)

~I'm thankful that Jonah gets time with his Opa (the man of the hour, let me tell you) and his Oma, and even managed to share them a little bit.

~I'm thankful that Nathan got that possum before it deprived me of any more eggs and hens.

~I'm thankful that my husband spent the day-after checking off some items on my honey-do list such as fixing my water softener (with the magic wand he's been hiding somewhere... or lost for a while? I dunno, but anyway, he fiddled with it and it started working and I'm looking forward to seeing if my clothes will stay white and uh-holey like they don't when your hardess rating is 383) and (partially) installing a light fixture and spreading old horse manure on my garden.

Blessings run abundant.