Friday, October 31, 2008

What Not to Write

So I haven't posted in three days. My goal is to post every day. I run through uninspired times.

I've been quite a scatterbrain lately. Yesterday, I put Nathan's coffee in the fridge. I also forgot to put my bread dough in the oven and the loaves fell. Last night I forgot to do some image editing for Mom, even though all evening I was practically looking right at the note I wrote to remind myself. And now, I can't seem to think of anything to post except to tell you that we're having some fantastic fall weather after a couple weeks of icy coldness. But if you wanted to hear about that, you'd check AccuWeather.

I won't bother to tell you about my last minute efforts to defrost a very frozen turkey for a Harvest/Reformation potluck dinner at church. How often are you supposed to change the water? Every three days? Yeah, that's what I thought.

I won't write about how my upstairs storage room still looks like a bomb went off in there, and then try to convice you that it's progress. I wrote about that before.

I won't tell you that I'm posting right now when I should be making supper. I also won't tell you it's 6:00 and I don't even know what supper is.

I can't post pictures of Jonah's Halloween costume like every other Mommy-blogger is posting today, because, well, Jonah doesn't have one. So that makes for boring blogging for sure. (Note to self: Next year come up with Reformation Day costume so we can have fun, too.) Maybe we'll pop some popcorn and watch the Luther movie.

I don't think I can stand to write about the three large, adorable puppies that someone dumped off near out house, causing me to have to call animal control and keep my chickens locked up all day yesterday. They were awfully cute and I reeeeeeally wanted to keep one... Here's hoping they all get adopted.

I really shouldn't rant about how much I hate seeing the stooopid (and money wasting) Halloween "decorations" in people's yards. Ick. Why is this misused "holiday" so popular?

Also, I won't rant about how sick I am of PEOPLE HANDING MY THREE-YEAR OLD CANDY. Why do Americans structure their holidays around legal adictive poisons? Don't answer that, I already know.

So instead, I'll post a picture of Jonah on his mountain:

Okay, maybe two:

And I'll head off to whip up some Spaghetti Carbonara.


  1. Not everyday is bursting with exciting blogging material, but that's okay!

    I was encouraged today for once. Our new neighbor asked the boys if we do Halloween and they told her no. She must have been thrilled to hear it because I was thrilled to hear they don't either! Pressure lifted!

    Then when my painter friend came over she wished the boys "Happy Halloween. Do you do Hallloween?" and they told her no. She said "I'm with you! We don't either!" and agreed how it has turned into such an icky holiday, too scary for kids. Her daughter, who is running a small private school for K-2 doesn't do any Halloween with the kids there either. And Alyssa said she knows many people (mostly Christian homeschoolers) who don't. So as the occultish hoopla grows it seems to also be turning (some) more people off.

  2. Now it's just a holiday for adults who want to get drunk and look stupid/slutty