Friday, January 8, 2010

Fake Twitter

I've noticed that most of the blogs that I read have Twitter widgets in the sidebars showing the blogger's Twitter feed. Since I do not have one of those, NOR WILL I (I might give in to Facebook, but I draw the line there, people), I sometimes feel maybe a little left out. I mean, here I am restricted to writing actual blog posts instead of insipid little quips which take much less thought than, you know, paragraphs. Since I will readily admit to having some trouble with that* lately, here are my current vapid remarks just like Twitter! Only not.

*You know, paragraphs.


Jonah calls a "fart" a "foop." I can't
bring myself to correct him.
5 minutes ago

No, really, it was sweet.
He was alerting me to my
post-chiropractor raccoon eyes.
7 minutes ago

Nathan actually said to me:
"Have you even looked in the mirror?"
9 minutes ago

I look more like I've developed a
sudden affinity for beer. A lot of it.
11 minutes ago

I don't have a cute, little early-pregnant belly.
13 minutes ago

Nothing like the smell of fresh baked bread.

1 day ago

Yeah, that's it. That's my Twitter. (Get it? They go in reverse order... newest to oldest. Heh.)

Sorry, I won't ever do that again.


  1. hahaha!!!

    i'm with you- i don't 'get' twitter, and i will never give in. NEVER i say! i don't understand why people think it's fascinating that "sheila's at the grocery store" or whatever. weird...

  2. 25 points for using 'insipid' and 'vapid' each once in one post.

    Also- that was funny.

  3. Cute. Yeah.. twitter, whatever! I've much better things to do with my pauses between things.. like umm zzzzzzz

  4. I am still trying to figure out facebook-- twitter is completely out of my league.

    You on the other hand have fish that you can feed.