Sunday, January 3, 2010

Bulletpoints of Babble

  • If you were to walk outside my door right now, your teeth would freeze.
  • I can no longer button my jeans. This is exacerbated by the fact that I'm trying to wear two pairs of pants.
  • But! I've been sleeping again! Praise God!
  • And I would have slept great last night, if it weren't for being up in the night cleaning up vomit. Oh... you didn't want to hear that part? Sorry.
  • It's boring to stay home from church.
  • It's also kinda boring to sit on the couch watching Thomas the Tank Engine with a sick boy.
  • But that's okay, 'cause then I bored him with an episode of Wives and Daughters on Netflix.
  • At least he was snuggly.
  • Speaking of Netflix, I am so loving the Netflix sub that my brother, Neal, gave me for Christmas. I just like movies. Always have. Been more or less doing without for a long time (not that it's necessarily been bad for me... I just like movies). I don't care what my brother, Kris, says about Netflix, I like it. I guess it depends on your taste, of which Kristin's is too narrow. The have a great collection of Jane Austen movies and BBC period romances, all available for streaming whenever I want. Kris-- need watch more BBC.
  • We also watched Gallipoli from Netflix on DVD. I saw it years ago and only remember that I cried at the end. I've wanted Nathan to see it, but haven't been able to get my hands on it. I'm not big on war movies, but that one is good. Maybe because it doesn't actually have very much, you know, war in it.
  • A few days ago, I had to take one of my goats on a "date" with another goat. When we went to pick her up, Jonah was asking why Opal had to go there. "Well..." I explained, "We want her to have babies, and babies have to have a daddy, so she had to have a little visit with a daddy goat." "Yeah..." he said, "But what did she do there?"
  • Also, the brakes on the van weren't working that day and Nathan was having some trouble finding the leak in the brake line so he could get them fixed. He ended up driving the goat in the van with very little brake function on slushy/slick roads. Who needs brakes, anyway?
  • Better him than me.
  • Jonah has been wolfing down banana muffins, eggs, tangerines, and leftover waffles. I think he's feeling better now.
  • I think I'm out of points.


  1. Maybe I do need to watch more BBC. I just kinda felt like the movie selection of the online streaming section was pretty D-list. There are plenty of mail titles, so that's cool. I still cancel as soon as I'm out of the country.

    Gallipoli is so good. I'll admit- I cried, too.

  2. Haha, speaking of Jane Austen.... I do know for a fact that the online watch-when-you-want (or whatever they are called) netflicks has a movie called "Lost In Austen" which I watched at a sleep over with a friend.... Boy, I am a die hard Austen fan, but still.... That movie just made me happy. And cringe. A lot. But in the end, happy. So, watch it!

    And aren't you breeding your goats a bit.... uh, late?

  3. Yeah, I saw that that movie was available, but I was... reluctant. Maybe I'll give it a try.

    I'm staggering the goat breeding. I have one kidding in February, and now the one that was just bred will kid in June. That way I'll have milk almost year round and I won't be flooded with milk as I would be if they were both at their peak at the same time. Brilliant, no?