Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Silly Sinners

I've been intending to do some sort of Christmasy craft with Jonah, but I kept... not getting to it. Surprise, surprise-- story of my life.

So here it is, the 11th day of Christmas, the day before Epiphany (when I'll be packing up all the Christmas decorations until next Advent) and I finally got around to it. Better late than never.

I repurposed a used shipping box and cut out some gingerbread people and we decorated them into funny little people to hang on the Christmas tree!

Okay, so they're not very high-class, but we did them together and it was fun!

How could I not love the big-eyed fuzz-head lady?

Or the guy with the adorable facial hair?

If anyone asks what they're on the Christmas tree for, we'll just tell them that they stand for the people that Jesus came to save from their sins.

Um... just excuse the inappropriately dressed lady in the white evening gown...

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  1. Inappropriate.

    On a completely unrelated note, I was thinking I'd take Pete and Sam and Jonah and Nathan (and you, if you want to attend) to the McMinnville air museum. It'll be an all day affair, for sure, as the drive time is ridiculous. Maybe make a lunch and blow these kids' collective minds with a bunch of old WW2 bombers and fighter planes and the Spruce Goose. Might be an awesome time.