Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fun in the Sun (and Snow)

The sunshine is more than welcome today. We've had way too many gray days. The windless 19 degree temperature is welcome (relatively speaking, of course-- I'd prefer 80, but let's not quibble about details) as well. Jonah and I headed outside after lunch to get eggs and take warm water to the chickens and we ended up staying out for over an hour! The fresh air and sunshine are balm to my shriveling, wilted, languishing, withered, seasonal affective disordered soul, I tell you what.

Snow Angels...

...are such fun...

...when you're four years old.

Since the barn door is still frozen shut and the goats are stuck inside all the time, we brought them out to play, too.

They were overjoyed. Opal (the black one above) jumped and ran and had a great old time. She's young-- she can do that. Cappuccino heaved her weary and heavily-pregnant old body slowly, but gratefully, around the yard.

They got in some good shrubbery-nibbling as well.

As long as they stay away from my raspberry canes (their favorite, go figure. They won't touch the stalks in their hay, but they'll happily chomp down the prickly canes of my raspberry plants. Whatever.), I don't care what they eat. In the winter, that is. Summer is a different story.

The snow was too cold and powdery for building the snowman Jonah's been begging for, but a neighbor had plowed our driveway leaving lots of chunky snow for throwing at each other.

After a few more snow angels...

... we decided we were cold and headed in for some obligatory hot cocoa.

Complete with little snowman-shaped marshmallows on top.



  1. Jonah looks so rad. I always see photos of him and feel like he's really wise... probably not the case, however.
    Tell Jonah to get ready for 2 weeks of non stop stimulation. That kid has some hanging out with uncles to catch up on.

  2. I have had some good hot chocolate too, it's so cold you just gotta have it. those were some awesome looking snow angels!