Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For Our Flight`


*Arrived at the airport waaaay earlier than necessary, in spite of bad weather. We were expecting long lines on a Monday morning with heightened security, but there were approximately ten people in the security line. Detroit is dead, people.

*We watched lots of airplanes.

*...And played with airplanes.

*We sat on the ground in the little commuter jet for an extra 45 minutes being deiced. By the time we finally took off, we could have been in Chicago, had they known the meaning of the word "efficiency."

*We ran for a flight that was already leaving.

*That was painful, and I think I'm a little out of shape. Or a lot.

*So we spent four hours in the airport.

*We played.

*Okay, they played.

*I laid on a bench.

*Every airport should have a play place.

*Eventually, we flew some more.

*I wore out the words "soon" "in a while" and "in a few minutes".
"When will we get on the airplane?"
"When are we gonna take off?"
"When are we gonna be there?"
"When will we land?"
"When will we be at Grandma's house?"
Lather, rinse, repeat repeat repeat.

*We made it.

*When we landed in Portland, Jonah was SO excited and said, "Praise God! He brought us to Portland! Wasn't that nice of God?"

*Yep, it sure was.

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  1. In the second photo, Nathan looks just like Phil! I kind of surprised me for a second!