Monday, April 6, 2009

Wait, Remind Me What Month it Is Again...

...because I thought I knew, but obviously, I was mistaken.

Very sorely mistaken.

I was so happy that we were getting a classically, "normal" spring, the kind of spring you would read about in a romance novel-- a slow steady warm-up with the birds singing and the sunshine increasing and gentle rain showers coaxing the flowers to poke through the steadily warming earth. No unseasonable heat or snow, just spring. Real, honest, down-home spring. We had absolutely NO snow in March. I thought that was great! So great, in fact that I had the gall to wash Jonah's snowpants and put them away! Talk about overconfidence.

Well, Nature decided to punish my unreasonable hurbis and put me back in my place by reminding me what state I actually live in.

The weather dude predicted 2-4 and by golly if we didn't get it. Today, I had to get the snowpants back out so Jonah could go outside.

But I know that Spring will triumph. It has to. Around here they say that after you hear the "spring peepers", there will be three more bouts of winter and then it's over.

This is three.

You hear me?


This snow, however, has effectually killed off the spring cleaning energies I've been working so hard to accumulate. I got the laundry room done and now the office is halfway done and there it sits. I can't make myself wanna finish right now.

So, I'll just have to go watch my new babies!

I hadn't told Jonah about them until yesterday. He, of course, just wants to holdthemandlovethemandsqueezethemforeverandEVEEEER!!!

Yesterday, Nathan got the brooder box set up for me with a heat lamp and I moved the hen and her babies in there so that they'll be safe from the cats and will have a little more warmth and can move around more instead of staying huddled under their mama. They would have been fine in the cage, too, but I figured it would be easier for them to come out and eat without getting chilly. It's so cold and blustery today, though, that they're staying under her anyway. She parks herself right by the food and water so they can eat without going to far. She's a good mommy.

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  1. Man, I knew your house was small but not THAT small...heavens....

    Kidding :D