Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ear Lowering

Poor Jonah seems to have inherited my baby-fine hair. He's little, it could change, I suppose. But for now, it's just so fluffy.

For me, this fine hair causes the problem of completely flat, straight hair that will not take any styling. I can spend an hour working on it (well, I can't actually, because I lack both skill and patience) and any curl will hold for 10 minutes and disappear. For Jonah, his hair being short, the fine hair just sticks up all over the place.

When he was a baby, I called him Fuzzhead (the only nickname that ever stuck) because his hair...

...just stood up...

...all the time.

So now, whenever it gets to the point where I have to take a wet washcloth to his head to keep him from looking like Einstein (and I'm usually too lazy to bother, so he goes around with bed-head and a jelly-face-- sigh), I know it's time for a trim.

Yes, I use a scissors. Because I'm a crazy nutcase who has not bothered to buy a buzzer. And it takes quite a while to get that all fluff evenly cut.

I discovered that the secret to getting him to sit still is very simple:

A movie does the trick every time.

Until I get around to the front, and then he cries and wiggles because of the fuzz in his facial orifices.

I leave that part for last of course.

There seems to be no accounting for the cowlicks. I told him that he had cowlicks and he said, "They're not from a cooooow!"

I cut his Daddy's hair from time to time as well. It always amazes me to see how their heads are the exact. same. shape. Which also appears to be the same shape as Jonah's Opa. All three of them even have (er, had) the very same hairline (very high, and thin above the temples).

Strong genes these guys have...

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  1. Just so you know, Opa also has fine hair and had those pesky cowlicks when he was little. Just wait until Jonah is old (and vain) enough to want to style that crop up there!

    By the way, though Opa has a receding hairline, he isn't balding up on top yet.