Thursday, April 30, 2009

Motley and Manifold

~We now have two batches of kittens, totaling 6, I think, and the two mamas are laying together in the same "nest" nursing each other's babies. Stinkin' adorable.

~I have been battling a terrible headache off and on for a week now. It reached epic proportions last Thursday, and again on Tuesday I thought I'd like to just crawl into a little hole somewhere and die. No idea what's causing it, nor what will help it. No amount of ibuprophen, feverfew, essential oils, cold compresses, etc., etc., will touch this thing. All I can do is sit very still and wait for it to disappear. I'm not sure if it's actually a migraine because it's not classic migraine symtoms, but who gives a crap what it's called? It's still a really bad headache.

~I'm picking a turkey carcass today. I try not to think about the fact that this morning when I did chores, he was wandering around the yard devouring everything in sight and by noon, he was in the stockpot. (Not all of him, however. He's a big 'un. I cut out the legs, thighs and breast meat for freezing and am boiling the rest.) Ah, well. It was a good life that turkey led, wandering free around the yard.

~I am making myself crazy in picking a paint color for my living room. I sampled one that I thought would be great, but as it turns out, I don't want to be surrounded in it. And I don't want to spend a gazoot-load on paint samples. Especially when the checking account is empty. I'd really like to just pick one off the card and know it will be wonderful, but colors just looks so different on the wall. And did I mention I need to paint tomorrow? I have plans for Jonah to spend the night at a friend's house so that I can get it all done. I just don't know what to do.

~Me: "I'm about ready to just paint this room beige!"
Mom: "If you do that, I'll disown you."

~My sister, Alyssa: "Hmm... How about a lovely pale pink?"
Me: "No. I hate pink."
A: "Why noooot?"
M: "Because I'm not a girly. Also, 66.6666% of my household is male."
A: "I have a friend, who's a guy, who loves pink!"
M: "Yeah, some guys who are extemely secure in their manhood, like pink just fine. But not my manly man."
A: "Uh... so pink is only for girly girls and some manly men? That just seems wrong..."

~One of my new little Americauna (will lay blue and green eggs) chicks died the other day, mysteriously. I did everything I could for her, but it wasn't meant to be. I'm very sad about it. I only got two of those. I know chicks just die sometimes, but why couldn't it have been a meat chicken or something? It's always my favorites that die...

~Last night, we were talking again about buying plane tickets to Oregon for me and Jonah to go visit. We've been going rounds about this-- watching prices, missing deals, agonizing over whether or not it's worth it to fly all the way to Huston enroute to Portland. I've been looking at some certain tickets, but it was going to be over $700. Ick. So I've been procrastinating, but I have a limited timeframe when I can get away for two weeks and not have too much to do in the garden. So Nathan said, "Let's go buy tickets right now." And I said, "Butbutbut! The money..." He said, "Now." So I turned on my computer and prayed. And we found two tickets for $580! It's still a hurkin' lot of money, but it's not as bad. And we even have a direct flight on the way home! And we don't have to go south to go north! Praise God!

~One of my credit cards flipped on it's fraud protection sirens and would not let us purchase tickets. This morning I got a call from their fraud department. The other credit card has my whole middle name on it instead of my middle initial, so it didn't exactly match the name on the ticket, so the website wouldn't let us buy them, either. Nathan was given the run-around by customer service, then he said a prayer, tried again, and it worked.

~We leave on the 27th for two weeks.

~Isn't my husband sweet to me?

~I'm starting to think that turkey noodle soup will be delicious for supper tonight, and that I ought to go get started on it.


  1. When you did "who is a guy" part. It almost said gay and he is most certainly not gay. Just contrary. :P

    and I was just giving you ideas!

    I'm happy that you are coooooooooomingggg!!! *mutters about it being during final exams and crazy school projects and being busy but OH WELL*

  2. Where in Oregon are you going to? I don't live that far away from Portland. Hopefully the weather will be nice when you are here!

    I am sorry about your chicken. I ordered a lot of the "keepers" in pairs too and was pretty upset when I lost one of our polish ones. Nothing I did helped either. But it still tore me to pieces!

  3. how about some photos of your room and some photos of your favorite things, and we give you some ideas on colors? might be fun?