Saturday, April 18, 2009

That You May See What Manner of Freak I Am...

I will show you The Crazy. The Freakish. The Roll-Your-Eyes-In-Your-Head-Weird.

First-- herb-walking! Not so weird... except I was crouching under a brush pile filling a bag with stinging nettles. Mmmm...

But that pales in comparison to what comes next.

We were given a grocery bag full of freshly caught fish. YUM!

While Nathan filleted them...

...I took the carcasses and gutted them in order to try my hand at fish stock. Yeah, with the heads and eyes and everything.

And then?

(Warning: do not look if you are generally weak of stomach!)

I saved the roe.

(I warned you!)

That's right. Fish ovaries full of kajillions of teeny-tiny fish eggs.

This is new territory for me. However, having heard tell of the nutritive powers of fish eggs, I couldn't throw such gems away. I have every intention to (attempt to) eat these things...

Tomorrow: Roe Cakes! (maybe)


  1. Interesting blog you have here!

  2. Are you sure those are what you think they are?

    I'm am starting to wonder about you...

  3. Waiting for the update on the 'Roe Cakes'. Why not add them to the stock?