Friday, April 10, 2009

I'm a Ding-a-ling! A Ding-a-ling-a-ling-a-ling!

This morning, I made waffles for the second time this week. We've had a sprouted-flour waffle addiction going. Especially since it allows us to indulge in our yummy maple syrup we worked so hard for.

I went to get more syrup from a jug that I have left sitting out. I've just been using a little here and there, figuring it wouldn't have time to mold or anything and I didn't bother to find room for it in the fridge or to seal it in jars. Well, this morning I noticed some spots of mold on the edge of the jug. That's pretty normal-- it happens sometimes. I got out a different jar of syrup to use, figuring I would just boil the stuff in the jug and get it sealed into jars.

So after breakfast, I set the pot of syrup to come to a boil, and I put some canning lids into a small pan of water to boil them briefly. And then I swept the kitchen floor, picked up toys, put some things away in my pantry, checked my email... and wondered what that smell was.

I went out of the office and noticed that the house was full of smoke!

And only then did I remember...


The syrup was foaming away over the edge of the pot AND ALL OVER MY STOVE!!!

I boiled some new lids and put the syrup into jars (no mold surviving THAT batch, lemmetellya!), but I still have THIS MESS to contend with:

Yes, it ran under the top and around the burners. Yes, I'm going to be scrubbing sticky crystalizing syrup aaalllll daaaaayyyy...

If I only had a brain...


  1. scrubbing sticky syrup off of a stove is closer to the bottom of my "I DO NOT LIKE" list. you have my sympathies! Have fun scrubbing! :)

  2. Been there done that. My worst forget concerning the stove was leaving a pot of beans on HIGH and leaving the house! Yes, the fire dept was called. My house stunk for weeks. Talk about a mess. I was soooooo embarassed. I just forgot. I wasn't even old then, so really there was no excuse. Do twenty something year olds have brain damage? i can't remember.

  3. If only you had a MAID!!! Send some of that syrup my way why don't ya. I better unload some of that mess off of you.